I’ve found myself hanging out on Twitter more over the last couple of weeks.

Something has definitely changed, for the better. I think the chronological timeline changes have made a big impact. It feels more like Twitter of old.

I’ll still be hanging on Mastodon, but I might hang out on Twitter more again too. I’ve really missed folks there.

Hanging out on Twitter more while looking for a new job has certainly reminded me of how generous the community can be.


@meredevelopment @hankchizljaw there’s a new setting to switch off the guff and have a chronological timeline.

@meredevelopment @ben yeh they’ve _just_ got about 150 other things to fix now and it might be an ok place to be.

@hankchizljaw @ben Morning. Can you point me to this new 'setting'? I've had a little looky, and I can't see'ey.

@meredevelopment @ben Settings and privacy > Account > Uncheck "Show the best Tweets first"


@hankchizljaw @ben Ah ok, I've had that unchecked since... whenever they added it last year or something. But I see they have (apparently) updated how it behaves. ta

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