Head off…

Just a quick update. Spent some more time on the GT tonight. Stripped off the Dizzy,  fuel pump (clever design that, always wondered how it worked!) and then took the head apart.

Light sabre lighting...

It’s really good having somewhere to work now, This pic was taken after the huge sodium light was switched off cus it was gone 11pm and shines in a neighbours window. Check out the temporary bonnet storage!

Next job, remove the tunnel cover and disconnect prop… ugh.. horrible job.

Bonnet off…

Yesterday the real work started on the GT6. Firstly the bonnet had to come off which was easy once I found a flexible socket extension that would work at 90 degrees to enable the bumper over-riders to be removed!

Growing bonnets

Then it was just a matter of stripping hoses, pipes, wiring, and removing some ancillary items that’ll just get in the way once the engine is out. Many of rubber hoses were perished even though most are only a couple of years old. When I come to replace them, I must try and source silicone versions. I wonder if anyone makes a flexible top-hose for a GT6 yet? I remember talking to Dan at Viper Performance in 2008 about making some custom ones and the price came to about £18 each if I was happy to order in large quantities. Couldn’t afford it back then, maybe I should enquire again.

Almost naked engine

The rest of the afternoon was spent taking off radiator, manifolds, water pump, and draining coolant and oil. Next I need to remove the distributor and mechanical fuel pump because both these will be replaced when the engine is rebuilt. For the dizzy I plan to use a 123 Ignition offering in place of the OEM Delco. For the fuel pump replacement I have a new Facet Gold Flo jobbie, with a nice glass Filter King regulator to fit.

Day one…

The GT6 has been off the road for about 17 months, since it failed an MOT and on the way home lost it’s thrust washers and chewed it’s own engine up a bit.

GT6 travels westward

Since then everything has broken – the car being the least of my worries – so I’ve moved home, moved work, moved it (the GT6) and all the junk that owning a classic requires.

Today I started on project ‘get it back on the road again’. Most of the day was spent emptying it of all sorts of junk I brought down from London (As it was transported on a trailer, it made sense to fill it with my worldly belongings). One the car was empty I went trough all my tools and spares to see what I still have, and remind myself of all the little jobs I was going to do on it.

GT ready to start work

At the moment I don’t know the extent of the damage done by the fallen washers, so first job will be to remove the engine and flip it. I’ve cleared around the GT ready for bonnet removal and engine disconnecting.

Hopefully I’ll have this done in a few weeks, and can get it off to the machine shop or maybe source a new engine. We’ll see…