Benjamin’s Beer Festival

Beer Festival Logo by SteveWhat: I’m probably holding a small beer festival in 2012 featuring home brews, in small quantities. Fancy it? Email me, twitter, text or leave a comment below…

Where: A garden, Easter Compton, South Gloucestershire

When: Mid to Late April 2012 (tentative, brews allowing)

Update 20th Jan:  The first Festival Beer is in the fermenting bin! Andy started his wheat beer lastnight, and it’s looking lively!

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Other Sorts:
Matt Rolf – Bringing Cheese Cake!
Lucy Watkins – Bringing Cupcakes!
Matt Lowe – Independent Adjudicator

Judging: Each beer is judged by all the other entrants and given a zero, silver, gold or platinum mark scored somehow. Entrants are not allowed to judge their own beer.

The Prize: The bumps! (and as much remaining homebrew as you can reasonably drink for the rest of the day). Possibly some Sherbet Fountains. Who knows!

Possible Rules of Entry:
– Minimum 10 bottles (or one demijohn for old school brewer types).
– Beers must be named, and labeled. Graphical sticky labels will get extra bumps.
– Any bringers of bought ales will be beaten, killed and eaten.
– 2.5% ABV or above (horribly weak tasting beers might need photographic hydrometer reading proof!)

Brewing Questions / Resources: 
Open to suggestions here. Shops wise beer ‘kits’ can be bought from eBay or Google Shopping. In Bristol ‘Brewers Droop‘ on Gloucester road is good – especially for advice. If you’re planning to use a kit, its worth getting a better yeast at least.

17 Replies to “Benjamin’s Beer Festival”

  1. Er, shouldn’t this actually be called the ‘BenFest Of All’?

    Oh, and I’ll have a branded beer glass too. I have a penchant for them – just ask any bar on the slope of any ski resort in France, Austria & Italy.

    1. Would be received very well! Going for the all or nothing approach are you? Maybe try a 2 gallon batch instead of 5 and do a simple kit also as backup?

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