Thought: Everyone hates the “this site best viewed with [Browser]” thing right? Bad practice, evil, boo.

Everyone thinks Progress Enhancement is great, woo, morals etc.

But a site built using PE must have an ‘ideal’ browser/OS at any one time. I guess it’s just ‘not the done thing’ to tell users which browser they’d get the best experience in 🤷‍♂️

Three word horror story: Cheltenham Debating Society

@hankchizljaw agreed it is a constant struggle to hit the right sense/description when most of us are very broad in our understanding. I keep returning to Web Developer. I develop things for the web and web-connected... stuff.
Web Designer never sat well with me, I flee from design, but if it works well for you, do it! I will not snark 😬

@Vlh yep too accurate some of them. ‘Machine weirding’ right?

I feel it might be time to roll this helpful guide out again 🤦🏻‍♂️
Please share.

I'm looking to book in work for 2019, so if you're looking for a remote freelance front-end designer / developer, hit me up.

I could help you with:
📝 Prototyping, concepts and MVPs
🚀 Front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS, React, Vue)
#a11y and inclusive design

Best ways to get in touch:
🐦DMs open here

Boosts appreciated.

This weekend is all about old cars doing an endurance rally around the UK. About 2000 miles in about 48 hours. I’m not on the drive but I am handling the and accounts. Plenty of content there if you’re at all interested.

@hankchizljaw @ben Ah ok, I've had that unchecked since... whenever they added it last year or something. But I see they have (apparently) updated how it behaves. ta

@hankchizljaw @ben Morning. Can you point me to this new 'setting'? I've had a little looky, and I can't see'ey.

I read the Solid homepage ( I got to the bottom of the page. I don't know what Solid is. Might read it again with a coffee later.

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