Shocks, bits, plans…

"Robot kebabs?" said me mate Chris

Work is continuing slowly on the GT6, but gathering pace a little bit because I miss driving it so much now. Last week these AVOs turned up from Jigsaw. I shopped around a little and found that Jigsaw were only about a tenner more than other places – nice to support a Triumph dealer isn’t it I guess. First appearances are fantastic, extremely well machined and will show the rest of the car up as soon as they are fitted.

Also put a rather hefty order in with Canley Classics today for all the bits I need to rebuild the rest of the suspension, besides the nuts and bolts. I had a rough count up of all the UNF stuff thats used throughout the car, and it’s definitely worth buying by the box, not in units or tens. In the past I needed a handfull of 1/2″ nylocks so bought a box, same with 5/8″s stuff. As I plan to keep the car, I’m sure they’ll get used over the years. So.. if you’re local (Bristol), and ever need some 7/16, 1/2 or 5/8″ machine screws, washers or nylocs, drop me an email/tweet etc.

Engine news: Not a lot! It’s still at Maynards. I’ve just left them to it, not chased really cus I’m not ready for it yet. Last time I saw it the block dip, rebore, deck/skim and crank grinding had been done. I called lastweek for a quick update and apparently it was on the line boring kit right then. It might actually be ready shortly, and I guess that’ll hurry me along with the suspension bits… I’ll post some pics when it returns…

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