The worst job – Part 1

A lot of people agree that the worst jobs on a GT6 involve the ‘tunnel cover’ in some way or another. Fitting one is hell, removing one is very very annoying, carpeting one properly requires an ability to manipulate 4D space while on laying face-first in a footwell with legs sticking out the rear hatch. Sound and/or heat-proofing one is a dark-art that even Triumph got wrong. There.. rant over.

Stripping interior

So… this evening I got a bit of time to strip down a bit more of the GT in order to get the engine out asap. Thankfully it was a lot easier this time for 2 reasons: Firstly when I last had to strip out the seats, centre console and carpets in 2008, they had been bolted/screwed/stuck in there for about 10 years, and everything was seized and sticky etc. Secondly, being only 2 years ago, and the day before we went to Le Mans Classic that I put it all back in last time, tonight I found that nothing was seized, and in quite a few places I had ‘skipped’ a fixing or two in the rush to make it to Dover for the ferry!

I’m off to France in a few days so I don’t think there will be time to do any more on the car for a few weeks, BUT… September is gonna be a BIG push to get the engine sent to Maynards and fixed-up (or another Engine bought and installed). Can’t wait!

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  1. ahem…..engine SENT to somewhere . GET IT APART ON THE KITCHEN WORKTOP.
    Surely it will be obvious whats wrong with it plus I’m confident you can make a few measurements or 2 to see whats in spec -then take the parts that need machining to the engineers. rant over

    1. Yep, I will be taking it apart, but not on the kitchen table as I’m a ‘guest’ in this house. And yes I will be sending the bits that need machining only, hence why I’m stripping it down so much and haven’t just shipped it complete. Correction over.

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