Day one…

The GT6 has been off the road for about 17 months, since it failed an MOT and on the way home lost it’s thrust washers and chewed it’s own engine up a bit.

GT6 travels westward

Since then everything has broken – the car being the least of my worries – so I’ve moved home, moved work, moved it (the GT6) and all the junk that owning a classic requires.

Today I started on project ‘get it back on the road again’. Most of the day was spent emptying it of all sorts of junk I brought down from London (As it was transported on a trailer, it made sense to fill it with my worldly belongings). One the car was empty I went trough all my tools and spares to see what I still have, and remind myself of all the little jobs I was going to do on it.

GT ready to start work

At the moment I don’t know the extent of the damage done by the fallen washers, so first job will be to remove the engine and flip it. I’ve cleared around the GT ready for bonnet removal and engine disconnecting.

Hopefully I’ll have this done in a few weeks, and can get it off to the machine shop or maybe source a new engine. We’ll see…

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    1. Hi James,

      Yea they are ‘Interstates’ made by 100+. They are produced blank and drilled for all sorts of hub sizes/PCD’s in 70’s and 80’s I believe. You’ll see them on 70’s Fords quite a lot. People either love them of hate them, but I like the look when paired with the fast-road spoilered mods etc.

      If you wanted tech info:
      Bolt Pattern / Drilling: 3¾” (95.25mm)
      Backspace / Offset: 108mm / 24mm
      Size Data: 5.5J x 13″

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